The Meces Situation

There is a mece in the house! I know this as I saw it come in from outside. Its taken some time to convince the dumb humans that it exists but they were finally convinced when it got into the favourite armchair and bit Grumpy-Human on the bum. This ensured much bashing of said chair and the escaping of one mece over to a nice toasty spot behind the computer tower.

I couldn’t convince Boss-Human it was there even when I made very loud snorting noises… go figure… Naturally it escaped again and all the Humans were convinced it had shot through to the outside world. Not me though, oh no, I knew the little bugger was still around.

Guess what? it has turned up in the pantry! Boss-human has declared war on it as its been stuffing its self with her vegetables. I wish it had stuffed its self with my crappy dry food the Humans store in there and keep trying to feed me.

I’ll update you guys later on the Meces Crisis.


2 thoughts on “The Meces Situation

  1. Looks like you had a Suicide Mouse – there seems to be a lot of them around at the moment! We keep a constant look out to protect the unsuspecting Humans in our apartment – it is amazing what they cannot see or smell!!! Keep up the good fight! Sergei Stephen and friends


    1. Thanks Sergei, I think you are right about the Suicide Mouse. Why can the humans not see or smell them, drives me crazy!! Keep on the look out!

      Ralph x


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