Typical Day Out

As you may know I’m not keen on getting out of my nice comfy warm house so I’m always on the lookout for signs the Humans are off on some adventure so I can make myself scarce. This Saturday morning the signs were all there. Boots out, coats going on, much hurumphing from Boss and Grumpy-Human about the time it takes for Princess-Human to get ready. Then the terror of seeing my lead being bought out. I bugger off to bed and hope they forget me, alas to no avail.

Next thing we are out the front door. I’m praying we will turn right for the forest. If I have to go out then a walk and spot of ball catching in the forest is ok. So turn right, turn right  I scream…

Sadly we turn left and there it is, The Car… not The Car, please not The Car… Are we going for a few minutes drive, a few hours, once we went 14 hours!!! Bugger, should have peed when I had the chance.

I jumped in the back and  we set off and in only 30 minutes before we are there! Brilliant. It turns out Princess-Human and Curly-Human are going Go-Karting in nearby Limburg. I thought I might get a go but they left me outside.


Oh well nap time then, if I can sleep over that infernal noise.

Next a walk up to Limburg cathedral. A bit boring but I did get to sniff a few four legged friends along the way.


20150314-Church“I know I’m not allowed in there but could you please hurry up, its cold out here!”

Back in The Car, this time gladly, we are going home…

That’s my typical day out. Don’t see the point really when you can be warm and snug at home with all your balls.

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