My Weekend

The weekend was a bit dull compared to Fridays near end of the world experience.

I did get rumbled when I snuck into the pantry for some treats but with some quick thinking on my part, the Humans fell for the ole meces in the pantry line.

20150323-Pantry Honest, I was just checking for meces. I had no idea the treats bin was in here…

20150323-ghizzy1 I did a bit of ball  stalking which was fun.   This type of ball is one of my favs. Technical classification: “Furry Ball”, it usually starts life as a Humans tennis ball but with sharp teeth and a bit of patience you can skin the little bugger until only the basic lining of fuzz is left.

20150323-ghizzy2 The next step in creating your perfect furry ball is to ghizzy it up. A bit technical but basically ghizzyness is the amount of lovely slobbery saliva you can impart to the ball surface. That way you get to keep all those yummy tastes and smells that stick to the ball when thrown. Also feels rather nice in your mouth too.

20150323-ghizzy3 The humans keep banning this type of ball from the house, don’t know why they make such a fuss over it but I always manage to smuggle one into the house and hide it anyway.


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