My Birthday

Hey! I’m 3 today! In dog years that makes me 21 so where’s my big party eh? I’m guessing those pesky mongrels next door won’t come. Baxter across the road will be busy with his Humans doing crazy Easter stuff. Mutley the terrier is probably terrorising the horses and forest walkers so I guess it’s just me and my Humans…

bday2 I did get a few prezzies though and a “cake” with candles and everything.

Rope2 My favourite prezzy was a yellow ball. They always get me balls, I think the Humans think I’m obsessed with balls…

Rope1 As usual a near perfect ball is marred by the silly Humans attaching a bit of rope to it, so this is a good time to show you how to get rid of it in under 20 seconds.



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