The Vet

TheVet-1 Did I ever mention The Vet? I was dragged in for my rabies inoculation recently, it’s yet  another good reason not to get into The Car, you just don’t know where you are going to end up. The Vet is to be avoided like the plague, or should I say rabies.

You go to The Vet and you see these nice healthy happy (unsuspecting) dogs going in and these tottering wrecks stumbling out. If they come out at all that is…. Nope, soon as we arrive at The Vet I dig my paws in. I make sure the Humans have to drag me in kicking and screaming.

The first thing that happens to you is The Vet puts you on this steel  pad which then displays some numbers about your weight, you’d think I was at a Weight Watchers meeting or something. But that’s just the start, the next thing you know The Vet has you lifted onto a table that’s jacked up to Human height. I look The Vet in the eye daring her to do her worst. Which she promptly does with a stab in the back with a hollow bit of steel, what’s that all about eh? Is it really necessary to be stabbed? It bloody hurts too. Then the humiliation really starts with The Vet poking and prodding you, stuffing her fingers down your throat and other places… It’s a nightmare.

The Humans  don’t seem to understand what goes on in there as they seem so laid-back about it all. Their Vets must be the like saints and the Vet House must be like some luxury holiday home. I want to go to the Humans Vets!! The Humans sit in the waiting room having nice little chats with the other Humans while we dogs are cruelly tortured. And the smell of the place, it’s the smell of death I tell you!

I hear the Humans discussing returning in a month’s time, I better make myself scarce that day, watch this space.


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