The Vet – An Update

Scored a yummy dog bone with loads of meat and burial potential from the butcher! It was so good I scoffed the meat off the bone in a couple of minutes then,  much to the horror of my Humans, with a flourish I up ended the  remains of the bone and swallowed it whole! Shame about the burial potential but it was just too yummy to keep.

Next thing I know Boss-Human is looking really worried about the lack of said bone available for burial… The Vet gets a mention… I start getting a tad nervous… what is the problem with scoffing a bone? I hear Boss-Human discussing a possible trip to The Vet and emergency extraction! I’m horrified at this idea myself.

Anyway it seems The Vet has calmed down Boss-Human and proposes they “keep an eye on me”. Well to be honest I have never felt better. A full stomach, lovely pork bone well and truly scoffed with pleasure. Now I have 3 Humans staring at me like I’m some kind of freak… The Human world is indeed very strange sometimes.



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