Lunch In France

Metz15-01 Oh ohh… The lead is on and I hear talk of a drive somewhere… Should have made myself scarce.


Metz15-03 We have been on the road for over an hour now. Hey, we must be going to Paris for lunch!!!

Metz15-04 No, not Paris, Metz in France’s Lorraine region. Quiche Lorraine for lunch then!

Metz15-05 This is embarrassing. I know my Humans are Aussies and Kiwis but really… Am I a dingo or something?

Metz15-06  Not much into old churches but this one was pretty big and impressive even I have to say… Saint-Etienne de Metz cathedral apparently.



Metz15-09  Metz15-10 I’m left outside as usual. Dogs are not allowed, what do they think I’m going to do in there anyway?


Had a quick squizz inside before being shooed out by some grumpy Frenchman. Pretty cool windows that’s for sure.


Metz15-13  On our way back to the car now, a couple of hours and I’ll be home. Himmm… better prepare myself for the long drive then and what could be better than a fire hydrant eh…?

Metz15-14  Home sweet home at last but I have to say, lunch in France was way cool.

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