The weather is fantastic, looks like summer is arriving. Time to think about those warmer weather pursuits. One of my personal favourites in bubble chasing. All you dogs out there need to try this. It’s just the most fun you can have with roundie things, even better  than regular ball catching as you get hundreds of balls all at once goofing off in all directions in the wind.

I find its particularly good if small human puppies (they call them children) blow the bubbles, it keeps em out of trouble like pulling your ears, fur and legs and the like… They soon get to like and respect you and we all get to have fun.

Get your humans to buy a human puppy bubble blowing kit usually comes with a bottle of child (and dog) friendly soapy liquid and a top with a small loop attached.  Here are a few pictures of me catching said bubbles to give you the idea. Enjoy!

Me enjoying bubbles at home…

bubs-01 bubs-02 bubs-03 bubs-04 bubs-05 bubs-06 bubs-08 bubs-09 bubs-10

Me last summer on holiday in Croatia chasing bubbles …





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