No Worries

I have been a bit out of sorts the last few days as my family have been behaving badly. I hate it when they all disappear doing their own thing and I’m left more or less abandoned and neglected, I know, I know I can hear the violins too…

Boss-Human and her mates have been visiting some old flower garden in the Netherlands (apparently famous but I have never heard of it) and stayed overnight. One Human down, Grumpy-Human goes off to work for the day, tries to get me to go to but I aint getting in The Car. Two Humans down, Princess and Curly Humans normally go off to someplace called school but the way they grizzle and groan about the place I reckon it’s some evil punishment camp. Four Humans down then.

Worry15-2So there I am all alone pining for my absent Humans who have bloody ditched me, waddayado? Well I do get to use the basement games room with a stash of treats and I sneak onto the comfy sofa that I’m not allowed on. Hey, what they don’t know can’t hurt em eh and besides I’m abandoned right? I do wonder sometimes what the funny oval box with a round hole and flashing red light is though….

Now I do wish I could figure out the TV remote as I’m sure that Dog Whisper fellow is on. He is great although I think the dogs are a setup. I mean what self-respecting dog is going to chase busses eh? Madness.

Anyway, I’m in the basement catching a few zzz’s on the sofa as you do, feeling a little put out that nobodies loves me anymore when I hear a noise… Ooh oh, a burglar? A big meces? That delivery guy I like to torment? What… The door bursts open and it’s Princess-Human. She has been home all along, apparently off sick from school. All my fretting and worry was for nothing then although I am still three Humans down, I have not lost count you know!


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