ANZAC Day 2015

I’m sorry guys I have been so busy that my blogging has been a bit slack recently. I’ll try and make up for it as I have a few travels and adventures to chat about. Today’s blog will be a little more sad and serious than some of my previous posts though.

Last weekend was ANZAC day which for my Aussie and Kiwi Humans is a special time of remembrance for all the lost men and women from Australia and New Zealand who gave their lives for their country in conflicts far away. On this day every year since being in Europe we have tried to locate and pay our respects at the final resting places of a few of my Humans fellow countrymen who tragically lost their lives so far from home.

anzac-2 This ANZAC day we decided to visit a small plot tucked away and almost forgotten in the corner of an old church graveyard in the little French village of Mussig near the German border (not far from Strasbourg).


anzac-4 Here in this village on the 15 March 1944 seven airmen, six British and one Australian lost their lives.

anzac-5 anzac-6

It’s a very sad thing to see these places as although the Commonwealth War Graves Commission does an excellent job of tending to them, the reality is that these guys families are a world away, probably never having the opportunity to visit what are quite lonely and forlorn sites.


anzac-8 This is one time I was happy to stay in the car. I could feel the emotions from my Humans.


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