The Vet Again…

I’ve just been to the Vet again, I should have remembered the Humans said I would have to come back about now, should have made myself scarce…

This time was the worst ever, I am traumatised for life. The Vet ACTUALLY sucked blood from me, she must be a vampire, I’ve heard of them! I saw her use a sharp device that jabbed into my foreleg. Next thing blood is running out. Boss Human was trying to cuddle me which made me think this is REALLY bad news.

Next thing I know I’m turfed out the door without so much as a by your leave, like nothing had happened.

vet20150504-2 That’s it I’m outta here, let me go, let me go!

vet20150504-3 I am never stepping a single paw back into this place!

vet20150504-4 There are worse things in this world than The Car.

I’ve heard my Humans talking, they think I don’t understand Humanese but I do, we Border Collies can learn over a thousand words cos we are smart! Anyway it seems the blood that the Vet stole from me is not for her ingestion after all, she is not a vampire then, phew… It’s for a blood test, something about me being sent to Australia! Cripes, that doesn’t sound good! They have snakes and huge dragons and everything that can kill you there. I will have to keep an eye on this developing situation…


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