A Walk In the Forest

This time of year is so coool for walks in the forest. Yes, we are blessed in having the forest start just across the road from our home. I do get a bit miffed when I watch all day long these dogs and their Humans wander past my front gate and into the forest, I want to go too.

walksA-5 Unlock the bloody gate will you! Come on you lazy lot, there’s walking to be done, balls to be caught, mates to meet, meces to be investigated…

walksA-1 I’ve watched the seasons change in the forest from the golden colours of autumn…


walksA-4 through to a winter wonderland…

walksA-6 through to the sunny springtime of today.

And obviously, no doing anything dodgy eh? At least not until we get into the forest …

walksA-7 All sorts of wildlife from birds,  wild boar to even owls… this one looks a bit weird even to me though. You are not fooling anyone.


walksA-9 There are even mecies to be had… I know. I know, I have a ball fixation problem. Everyone tells me so but I’m sure I can get a meces without dropping my ball. I mean I could just bonk it on the head. Sadly I see lots of meces but the little buggers disappear before I get close anyway… One day…

walksA-10Well it’s been a brilliant walk with my Humans and not a car to be seen. My kind of Sunday afternoon.


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