The Black Forest Border Collie

bbApr15-01  Oh ohh, another trip in The Car. I’m on the back seat and there are suitcases in the boot so that means it’s a long way and I’ll be sharing the back seat with Curley and Princess Humans. Hope they showered! I hear strange talk of Black Forest’s and cake. Weirdly I could go for that…

bbApr15-02 bbApr15-03  Cripes, this is a bit twisty, hold tight Curley -Human this looks decidedly unsafe! Oh ohh, wish I hadn’t guzzled all that food at our last stop now…

bbApr15-04  Yey! We have stopped. Grumpy-Human says this is one of the best driving roads in Germany, Highway 500 on our way to Baden-Baden in the Black Forest. I just wish he would enjoy it less for my tummies sake eh…

bbApr15-05   Boss and Curley Humans enjoying the view, me I want to know what that weird wooden stump with big eyes and a mouth is. That’s a bit scary!

bbApr15-06   Heh heh… Look at me, I can do stump art too!


bbApr15-08  Come on Curley-Human, there’s a view to be seen (and the longer we view the view the longer I’m outside the bloody car eh).

bbApr15-09  The view is great but I’m worried about health & safety, this looks a tad dodgy. Come on guys we gotta get down from here…

bbApr15-11  We have finally arrived at our digs for the night.

bbApr15-10  Looks like I get my own room and everything! Oh wait… bugger, I have to share with Curley and Princess Human. Curley-Human will be keeping me up all night tap-tapping on her computer and Princess-Human snores. She says it’s me but I know better and anyway us dogs don’t snore.

bbApr15-12    A stroll around beautiful Baden Baden.

bbApr15-13 bbApr15-14 bbApr15-15 bbApr15-16

bbApr15-17   Back on the road again and this looks like a nice place to stop for lunch.

bbApr15-18  Yep Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte, Black Forest cake to you and me, is on the menu, yum! This will do nicely.

bbApr15-19  Yep, stunning views but where’s me Black Forest cake?

bbApr15-20  Ok guys enough with the photos, I want Black Forest cake IN THE BLACK FOREST!

And did I get any? No! apparently my Humans tell me Black Forest cake is bad for dogs… come on you are just saying that so you guys get to eat it all! I will get my revenge…


We are home bound now and apart from stuff like The Car and NOT getting to eat any Black Forest cake (my Humans are saying: let it go already, get over it) in the Black Forest, this was a pretty good adventure and a pretty stunning part of the world. Well worth visiting.

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