Me In My Youth

It’s been a bit slow here lately, most of my Humans ditched me again and  went off on an adventure to Berlin. I can’t believe they would leave me behind but secretly I was rather pleased, five hours in The Car, no thank you. Princess-Human stayed behind so I had good company with lots of walks and swimming. When my other Humans returned I did the old ignore them trick when they wanted to pat me just to teach em a lesson, heh heh…

Since I don’t have much recent news to tell you about I thought I’d take you back to the days of my long lost puppy-hood, me being all mature and grown up and all now.

Me as a puppy with Sis when I was a couple of months old. I’m the handsome one on the left.

pup1 Pick Sis, pick Sis. I’m comfy here and don’t want to leave for the big world outside!

pup2 Me 3 months old. Boy my gangly back legs sure looked cool back then, guess I grew into them finally.

3 months old, I was a cool dude eh?

pup3 Now where’s me ball?

Meeting a mate at the beach at 5 months old

pup4 Now that’s mine I do believe…

My first Christmas at 7 months old

pup5 OK, who put the stupid hat on me…

After a  romp in the woods on a snowy winter day

pup6 Did I hear someone mention bath? I’m outta here!

10 months old

pup7 Wasn’t me honest! Anyway you shouldn’t have left me home alone!

pup8 Ahhh those heady ole days of my puppy-hood  eh, now that I’m an old guy of three with all the responsibilities of looking after my Humans, my house and being The Cop I don’t have the time for the frivolities  of youth any more. Life’s a serious business you know. Must be off, I hear someone approaching The Border.


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