Limburg (Again). I go Karting and Learn All About Deadly Sins!

We are off again to who knows where this Saturday. I brace myself for what is to come…

lim2-01 Oh… Its Limburg again. We came here a few months ago for Karting and a quick squizz around the town. Looks like more of the same to me. Why couldn’t I have just stayed all snug at home? I’m good at guarding the house and all.

lim2-02 Well at least I am aloud inside the Karting place this time, this could be fun after all. They even let me bring me ball in, how thoughtful of my Humans.

lim2-04 Can I have a go, please, please?

lim2-05 Ok, the controls look easy even for me paws. How hard can it be eh?

lim2-03 Oh O… Not sure this was such a good idea. This looks a tad unsafe Humans…

lim2-06 Me zipping by, fully under control, out in the lead, no one can touch Ralph Schumacher-Walker eh! Ok, Ok, it was Princess-human really but she was way better at it than I would be, I have to admit!

lim2-07 Princess-Human came first but I came second! Really…

lim2-08 Ahh this is better, that kart noise was starting to get on my nerves. This is the river Lahn meandering through Limburg.

lim2-09 The Lahn River with that old Cathedral Dom I saw last time I was here. It looks way cooler from here though, I have to say.

lim2-10  lim2-11 This was very cool, the carved heads on this building in Limburg represent the Humans “Seven deadly Sins”. Us dogs are all saints so they don’t apply to us of course!


So close! Pigeons, I hate pigeons… They are meces with wings you know. Ok lets add at least one deadly sin to the Dog sins list, Wrath eh?

lim2-15 Man oh man, that’s serious beer drinking in Limburg. I’m really warming to this place and so are my Humans. Just one thing, why does the man have to stand on his dogs back? Just saying…

You just have to be impressed by the old buildings in the town centre dating back to the 13th century so I’m told. In dog years that just hurts my brain.

lim2-16 This is my fav building in Limburg. Hard to see what is happening eh? Check out my next pickie…

lim2-17 Humans being eaten by dragons!!!! Heh heh, I sometimes wish I could do the same when they don’t let me have Black Forest cake in the Black Forest… Nope I have not forgotten guys…

lim2-18 Guys, guys, GUYS!!! Look up its pretty terrifying…

lim2-19 Is that one of you Humans deadly sins then? Crikey I’m glad I’m a dog…

lim2-20 Home bound now in The Car, nope don’t need water, just need to think about the Humans world and take it all in. One thing I can say, Limburg has really grown on me, I hope my Humans bring me back here again for further adventures.


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