A Dog Goes Shopping

I was dragged out shopping today but its OK! We went to the Pet Shop. For some strange reason it was open on a Sunday. Normally in Germany all shops except food shops are closed. German pet shops have all sorts of neat treats. Here I will take you for a walk around my favorite shop:

PShop-01 Pizza anyone? I love pizza.

PShop-02 Can I have some of these?

PShop-03 Now this dog tucker is what I normally get at home. Bloody dog biscuits, dry rubbish compared with what I see my Humans eat. I know they say the dog biscuits are from many countries like New Zealand and Ireland but still they taste crap!

PShop-04 Happy Dog, my tail! Today they have some in from Canada, I’ll reserve judgement until I taste em but…

PShop-05 I love these treats, kangaroo, they are like giant bouncy meces and oh so yummy

PShop-06 And how about some doggy ice cream eh?

PShop-07 Dental sticks, what, something wrong we me breath?

PShop-08 They have live meces in here too. I guess they are bred for us dogs to eat so I don’t know why my Humans aren’t buying some for me!

PShop-09 Dog Chips, great when watching the Dog Whisper on TV when my Humans are out…

PShop-10 Oh my god, pigs noses. I want one, I really want one of those…

PShop-11 That will do nicely.

PShop-12 Back to that dental thing again. well I aren’t eating some old cows horn so I get a grin like his.

PShop-13 I just gotta get me one of these!!

PShop-14 Bulls penises, so they tell me. Well no thank you.

PShop-15 Ah pigs ears, yep I’ll have a dozen.

PShop-16 Can I have one? Its the checkout. Human checkouts have treats at little puppy humans levels and Dog checkouts have treats at us dogs level. Perfect I say.

PShop-17 Finally home and I see my Humans picked me up a six pack of doggy beer from the pet shop.Fantastic, only problem is I may have to let a ball go to try it.


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3 thoughts on “A Dog Goes Shopping

  1. Ralph! You should be HERDING kangaroos – NOT EATING THEM! But, on the other hand, My Dad buys me RAW LAMB that has been frozen into patties…just thaw and mix in with my food. My Dad and I have a road trip to Rockford, IL today to serve a miscreant with court papers. I get a hamburger! Later…Magic


  2. You are lucky Magic, I love hamburger but my Humans love em too and tend not leave any left overs for me. They do make a burger called a bouncy burger which is made from kangaroo mince meat which I am quite keen on too!



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