I Want To Know What Happened To My Bed!!

You are not going to believe this. I came up from the basement where I had been hanging out with Princess-Human, Went to fetch a ball from my crate only to find my bed and crate had disappeared! In its place a massive monstrosity.



These are before and after pictures proving the crime. I knew something was up when Princess-Human took me down stairs to play, she never does that…

Crate03  I’m beginning to smell a rat… Well a big meces probably… You see this new Crate looks awfully like a flight crate for transporting dogs on an Aircraft! Oh no! I must be being sent to Australia sooner than I thought… Woe is me…

Looks like my Humans put my old bed and everything inside, even a fav ball but I’m not falling for it. I aint going inside. No way, not happening.

I’ll try blogging later after bed time to let you know what happens next…


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