The Battle of The Crate Continues…

The battle of wills over my missing bed and the new Crate continues. I’m still sleeping in the living room but I have to say I am starting to lose patience as I like to get an early night and my Humans keep me up by watching TV to some ungodly hour like even 10PM, go figure! Normally I’d just put myself to bed but oh wait, I DON’T HAVE A BED ANY MORE!

crate10  The latest from my Humans was to put a pile of me favourite balls in a heap in The Crate to “entice” me in.

crate11  Well no problem I say, I just reached in with me four paws firmly planted outside The Crate and grabbed my favourite ghizzy ball, you gotta love it.

1 – 0 to Ralphie I’d say… Over to you my lovely Humans…

Actually my Humans say I did technically have one paw in The Crate so there is hope. We will see as the saga continues.


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