It’s June

Smug Dog and Ball

Its June already, the longest day is nearly here.

Crate21  The European summer, all six days of it are nearly over… And we haven’t even been on our summer holidays yet! I don’t know where my Humans are taking me (better not be Australia), I hear talk of Spain and France, then they mention Northern Ireland so it’s a mystery I guess.

Its been a bit slow here the last week, not so much to blog about. I did spot an alien in my treats bin though!

Dog and a pigs nose  So who put the nose in my treats bin then? Seeing as it’s here I’ll have that thank you very much. By the way the cravat I’m wearing… Not me, bloody Princess-Human cornered me and stuck it on me… Anyway its not my colour.

Dog goggles doggles  And check these out, doggie goggles! I just love Germany, they have everything a dog needs here! Doggles eh… I’d be a cool dude with these on the beach this summer holidays, just saying…

dog and crate  The Crate Wars continue, my Humans think they are winning because I slept in my bed next to The Crate last night That was only because they moved the bed there in the first place. No way was I sleeping on the floor in the hard living room.

Chat later


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