The Crate Continues

Quick update on The Crate saga for those, like me are having a slow Sunday afternoon. I.e. no bloody Human can be bothered to throw the ball for me.

Border Collie Crate  The latest is they have stuffed my old bed into The Crate in an attempt to get me to sleep inside. Not working…

Border Collie In The Crate Yes, I have been inside the thing as this rather grainy picture will attest. What you can’t see is a rather tasty treat my sneaky Humans stashed down the back, what was I to do?  However I have not slept in it oh no.

Border Collie banned from sofa  In fact, guess what? I have been secretly sneaking back into the living room after my Humans have gone to bed and jumping up onto the FORBIDDEN Sofa heh heh heh…

Sadly I got rumbled yesterday when Curly-Human snuck down early in the morning to watch one of her terrible TV shows without the other Humans rolling their eyes and hurumphing. I was sprung!


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