A Crate Dogs Confession


Ok, Ok, I have to come clean. I have actually been sleeping in The Crate.

Crate41  A rare actual picture of a dog named Ralph in The Crate

But in my defence I resisted for weeks didn’t I? In the end after all the treats and balls the Humans kept stashing in The Crate I grew weary of going in and out of it all the time and I missed sleeping somewhere soft. It occurred to me that it was actually quite comfy in there, I began to wonder what all the fuss was about.

Crate42   And now I have my old Living Room bed back too! All is calm again in my world.

Until that was I found out for real that my crate is a flight crate which will transport me to Australia! But it’s not as bad as I feared, my Humans are coming too. We are all moving from Germany to my Humans home in Perth, Western Australia in about six months.

Perth01 They have dogs in Perth already and they look like they are having loads of fun on the Swan River at sunset.

Dogs in Perth   Dogs chasing balls too! And not a dangerous creature in sight, unless they are lurking under the water of course…

We needed to get the medical stuff done on me now because Australia has very strict quarantine rules and dog import conditions. I would have thought my Humans would have to do something similar but apparently it’s just us dogs… Anyway now that I know this I will blog a little from time to time on the strange process so other dogs in my situation can gain some comfort from it.


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