A Dogs Day Out In Frankfurt

Now I think today I’m picking up some of Grumpy-Humans grump. I’m definitely a bit grumpy to say the least. There I was minding my own business at home and I detected the tell-tail signs of an adventure happening. Walking shoes going on, proper outdoor clothes, the rattle of car keys and… and… the dog leash. Oh no not the dog leash! I am quite happy to stay on guard duty at home but no… Curley-Human had to be picked up from a sleep-over at a friend’s house in Frankfurt so my Humans thought it would be great to take me for a nice walk along the Main River which runs right through Frankfurt. As usual Humans know best so off we went…

BorderCollie Not Happy  This is what I think of that!

ffwalk02  Himmm, that looks a bit deep and a tad unsafe…

ffwalk03   Yeah, great views back to the city of Frankfurt but I’d rather be home chasing balls, just saying…

ffwalk04  Actually a boat cruise on the Main River would be pretty cool and I bet as this is Germany us dogs would be allowed too. The boats sail from here all the way to the Rhine River, the Moselle River and beyond.

ffwalk05   If I steal this boat perhaps I can escape in it eh?

ffwalk06   Oohh come on guys its time to go!!

And that was me day out in Frankfurt. Perhaps I was a bit hard on the day out thing because it was mostly OK actually. Maybe my Humans will organize that cruise next time, I’d be up for that.


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Ralph a Border Collie at Pluto Its up there somewhere eh…

Well I’m just a dog but even I have to be impressed by today’s revelation that a human vehicle made it as far as a world over a four billion kilometers away, a planet (dwarf apparently) so far away as beggars belief. It took ten years to get there and its named after a dog! Me old mate Pluto, go figure!

Congratulations NASA and JPL and the Human Race. Its an extraordinary achievement.

pluto-july-13-2015  This picture from NASA but via a fellow blogger at lightsinthedark.com  is extraordinary and its no even a dog!


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Castles in a Heat Wave

Border Collie Ralph in a Heatwave

There has been a major heatwave in Germany this last week. It’s been hot, really hot. Even hotter than my last blog on matters hot. Over 40C a couple of days and even at night it stayed hot. I’d sneak down to the basement during the night when my Humans were asleep, way cooler down there and a big comfy sofa to lie on too. Sadly one night it was so hot I snuck down stairs only to find Grumpy-Human had stolen my spot, what rotten luck! Of course he is from New Zealand, not Australia so was feeling the heat like me. After a bit of a confrontation over who got the comfy sofa we agreed to share.

Now even my Aussie Humans were thinking this is a bloody hot week. What did they do? They decided to go on a castle adventure or two and drag me along as well.

A border collie dog called Ralph looking hot and bothered  Just great… Not! Guys it must be over 50C in here, not good for us dogs, just saying… This is way to hot for touristing, what are you thinking Humans? Leave me at home on guard duty will ya.

First up apparently is some stuffy old pile of rocks in the woods some where a few hours from home in the Moselle Valley…

And what do you know, we head up the Rhein Valley first and pass castles on the way to a castle, go figure that.

Castle   Rheinfels Castle at St Goar

Castle   Marksburg Castle

Finally we reach our destination

A border Collie at Castle Eltz  That will be the castle this way then…

Castle Eltz in the Moselle River valley between Koblenz and Trier. Its one of those fairy tale castles built in the 12th century and so loved by Disneyland. It took us just over an hour to get here from home and as it turns out the new Car has great air-conditioning which we don’t have at home, himmm…  I’m beginning to understand my Humans thinking now.

castles07  Well there is the castle, can we go now, I’m bloody hot!

Castle Eltz

Castle Eltz   Castle Eltz

Happy Border Collie Ralph  Ahhh, back in the air-conditioned car. Time to go guys.

Second up, the next day we headed for Heidelberg Castle, about an hour south of our home.

Heidelberg Castle  So that’s the castle eh, impressive from here

Heidelberg Castle

Heidelberg Castle   What a view back over Heidelberg and the river Neckar.

Heidelberg Castle   Crikey, the castle could do with a spot of work though… Must be stone eating termites.

Ralph Border Collie   Drink time and home time me thinks.

Finally our last castle in the 3 day marathon on castles near us, Biebrich Castle on the Rhein River near Wiesbaden about 30 minutes from our home. Another day, another castle eh?

Biebrich Castle Ralph Border Collie  So there you go guys, another German castle, this one seems in better shape. Built for a German Prince around 1700.

Biebrich Castle

Biebrich Castle

Biebrich Castle Ralph Border Collie  This castle had a park attached so I was in for a real treat of ball throwing from my Humans but boy was it still hot outside.

Ralph Border Collie

Ralph Border Collie   Ralph Border Collie

Ralph Border Collie  Well that’s enough ball catching in this heat, I’m stuffed, where’s me water?

Ralph Border Collie Thirst  God I needed that…

Ralph Border Collie Car   Home James-Human and don’t spare the horses eh?

I’m well and truly castled out or should I say schlossed out? Not sure if the German language allows you to torture it like that but hey, I’m a dog, I can’t speak anyway.


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Up A Hill In Eppstein

We went on a family test drive outing in the new car last Sunday.

Eppstein Germany  Eppstein is a nice little town in the Main-Taunus-Kries region near Frankfurt.

Speed Camera Eppstein  Grumpy-Human moans about it because he has to drive through it every day on his way to work and there is a speed camera there set to go off if you go 0.0001 km/h over the 50 km/h limit (he says) and he has had 7 tickets already to prove it!

Eppstein Castle   But as Grumpy-Human puts it: “It’s a bloody toll collection scheme! Just like in the robber-baron days when Eppstein Castle was built”

Did you know (and this is from my Humans cos I’m a dog and don’t know about such things) that the guy who wrote “The Count of Monte Cristo”, Alexandre Dumas also wrote a book set here? It was of course called Castle Eppstein. Grumpy-human says it was rubbish, but hey I’m just a dog what do I know eh?

Kaiser temple Eppstein  Anyway back to Eppstein. look up at the hill will you, that’s our destination, the Kaiser Temple and restaurant.

We went up this one track road on a very steep hill with rather large drops down the side of the mountain. I was not amused, in fact I was praying we wouldn’t meet a car coming the other way as there was no room to pass, someone would have to reverse…

Kaiser Temple Eppstein  But we made it to the top as Princess-human will attest.

Eppstein Taunus Area Kaiser Temple  At the top is a brilliant view over the town of Eppstein and surrounding Taunus region,

Ralph Border Collie Kaiser Temple   and a small monument, the Kaiser Temple, to Prussia / Germany wining the Franco-Prussian war of 1870 and

Kaiser Temple restaurant  a yummy little Italian restaurant with views to die for mark the top.

Many walk tracks through the forest cut past here too, come on guys we should do these…

Border Collie Stick Eppstein Germany  Now this is a stick mate, this is what I’m talking about. Ok balls are great and all but a pretty big stick, this is primeval stuff.

It’s mine, you Humans can all bugger off, I’m not even interested in ball throwing today. It was a great day out. I’m actually looking forward to more in our new Car now.


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