A Walk On The Wild Side

Border Collie & Ball

Well we have been out walking in an area we don’t go to very much but it was great as the whole family, all five of us came along. Curly-Human as usual was the most reluctant. The call of the Internet & TV on these last days of summer and school holidays far outweighed the call of the wild! In compensation we walked she rode her bike! For me it’s just so good to have my flock… er… pack back together again.

wws-01  Come on Curley-Human, get off the bike there’s a Meces to be had down there…

wws-02  You Humans are so slow. Will ya chuck me ball already!

wws-03  Come on Princess-Human you can do it, just a little kick now. You’re getting close… Yes I know it’s a bit slobbery and ghizzy but that the best part!


wws-05 Ahhh, there’s our little village coming into view. Nearly home. Can we do it again?

wws-06 What! You guys got ice-creams? That’s mine that one, hand it over Curly…


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