Not The “Vee-Eee-Tee” Again!

Ralph Border Collie Vet

Yes I can spell, I’m not stupid you know…

Today I heard my Humans whispering about taking me to the Vet again. Haven’t I expressed enough my displeasure of the place both in my previous blogs (here and here and here too) and directly to my Humans with my body language?


Vet3-02  Here we go again anyway. I got stuck on the weight measuring thing again, then it was onto the table and some blunt device with light coming out of it shoved in me ear. Next while my Humans tried to distract me I felt the dreaded needle jabbed into me back. Crikey have they no compassion?

At least it didn’t last long. Again it was apparently nothing serious just more of the regular medical stuff I have to do before I go to Australia. Beginning to go off that idea now… Might join Princess and Curley Humans in protest. We want to stay in Europe!!!

Vet3-04  Anyway I was so grumpy with my Humans I gave them the cold shoulder (not the lean) and then stalked off to bed at 8PM, that’ll teach em!


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Dog Paddle

Ralph Border Collie Croatia

Now I was just thinking rather sadly about our lost summer and how there is a real chill in the air now (well for us in the northern hemisphere). The sky is softening to grey and the nights are coming earlier… Sigh. The last few summers I have been a keen swimmer and addict of all things watery. I just love it so much so here are a few pictures of me and water to bring back that summery feeling.


water03  In the early days I wasn’t so enamored with water but got my fair share via snow – not so summery a picture I know but I really love catching the snow flakes…

There is a small creek near where we live so I often in summer go for a quick dip. It’s not deep enough to get a good swim mind you.

water04  Me walking on water…


water05 Ahhh, that’s better


Other summers like last year in the Adriatic I had a real treat swimming in the Mediterranean with my Humans. I know I have loosely blogged about that before but here are a few more choice pickies…






Water on a hot day eh? Got to be the most refreshing beverage there is.



water13  Now I do have to get me one of these!



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A Rugby Dog

rugby03  As some of you guys will know, there is a big sporting event in England over the next six weeks, the Rugby World Cup. For those of you from the USA this is a game a bit like your football but without the protective padding! Anyway, what’s a dogs blog got to do with Rugby eh? Well as it turns out I’m a great fan of the game. It’s one of the few things on my Humans TV that attract my attention, the others being anything showing a sheep and sheep dog trials. Oh and the Dog Whisperer of course.

rugby01      You may think I am making this up but my humans will back me up on my viewing habits. [Human-Editor’s note: Yep, only dog I’ve ever seen that can actually watch TV and seem to understand the content. Has the attention span of a gnat though luckily for us]

Rugby is a brilliant game that I first heard about from my Uncle Dog from New Zealand. Him and his Human, Wal were stars in their day. Well actually it was local country Rugby. Uncle Dog’s role was to steal the ball and run off and hide it much to Wal’s annoyance, himm… must be where I get my ball skills from then. Because of this and of course Grumpy-Human is from New Zealand too, I go for the All Blacks. Well one other thing, I’m a Black & White Border Collie, team colours of the All Blacks!

rugby04 The All Blacks performing there famous pre-game Haka. It involves much leaping, pulling funny faces and sticking out of tongues, a bit like me really…

We had a big scare on Sunday.

rugby05  Grumpy-Human was in London at Wembley Stadium watching the All Blacks vs Argentina match while me and my other Humans were watching it live on TV at home. We assumed the All Blacks would win easily but the Argentines (also known as the Pumas go figure) really came close to beating them.

rugby02  I was a nervous wreck especially after one of the other favourite sides to win the tournament, the South Africans lost to Japan, a fairly low ranked team a day earlier.

We won 26 – 16 in the end. South Africa lost 32 – 34 to the Japanese but what a game that was! The Japanese team (who call themselves The Blossoms by the way) managed an epic David and Goliath style struggle that ran right down to the very last seconds of the game. Any one remotely interested in any sport should watch that match if they can. Bloody Marvelous as Grumpy-Human would say.


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Rope Removal 101

Ralph Online

Today I am a bit bored, all my Humans have buggered off and left me home alone for the day. I have the computer to myself though, brilliant… Now I was going to do a blog with a bit more depth to it, say a critique on Doug the Pug or how to smuggle yourself into Australia – Johnny Depp you listening? But hey I came across this video on the computer of me taken by my Humans a few months back… This will do nicely.


As I have previously mentioned I am a bit of a ball aficionado. I am quite picky about how balls should look, feel, taste and throw. For some unfathomable reason Humans insist on dog balls with an unnecessary bit of rope attached. My Humans say it’s so they can throw the ball for me without getting all the ghizzyness from the ball on their hands. Bunch of wusses I say, anyway the ghizzyness is the best part, it’s what catching a ball is all about, go figure.

I digress, here is the video my Humans kindly took of me getting rid of said pesky rope.

I call it Rope Removal 101, enjoy!

rr_110 And this is the final result. A ball ready for action.


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The Airport Dog

Border Collie Airport

Dogs and airports, who knew? I’ve heard all about these dogs that hang out at airports, their sole responsibility to sniff Humans and their baggage. Sounds pretty boring, not to mention a tad dangerous as you have no idea where they have been. I guess every dog needs a job eh?

Well to get to the point, I thought I’d check out our local airport, Frankfurt. As some of you guys will know, in the not too distant future I will be winging my way in comfort on a plane to Australia. Might as well check out the luxurious facilities on offer and my Humans were picking up a friend at the airport anyway.

Ralph  [Human-Editor’s note:

1 – He was turfed into the back of the car as he was being a grumpy pest at home, a drive might do him some good.

2 – He still has no idea his trip to Australia will be far from luxurious and Jet Setting but we let him dream…]

Ralph   Frankfurt Airport!

ap1-03  Check this out… flights to all parts of the world, let’s see if there is one to Australia today…

ap1-09  I have heard that most airports around the world don’t allow dogs to just amble in with their Humans but Frankfurt airport is pretty cool about dogs. You see dogs everywhere. This little guy and I just wanted to have a quick play while our boring Humans waited for the flight…

ap1-07   They have food and everything at airports.

ap1-08  That looks yummy and smells delicious can I have some please?

Photo Border Collie  Cool! Am I photogenic or what!

Border Collie Run  I could run that. To the end and back, 20 seconds flat… umm where did that thought come from? Must be the touch of greyhound in me.

ap1-04  The seats are very comfy but I bet a Human will turf me off any second now. Why do they do that?

ap1-10  Escalators, don’t ya just hate em? Humans, what were they thinking when they invented these infernal contraptions. Good toenail clippers for dogs though… I see a Human foot-print but no dog paw-print so I’m taking the stairs. Looks like the human foot-print lost his toes, just saying…

And that guys was my airport report! Chat next time…


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