Rope Removal 101

Ralph Online

Today I am a bit bored, all my Humans have buggered off and left me home alone for the day. I have the computer to myself though, brilliant… Now I was going to do a blog with a bit more depth to it, say a critique on Doug the Pug or how to smuggle yourself into Australia – Johnny Depp you listening? But hey I came across this video on the computer of me taken by my Humans a few months back… This will do nicely.


As I have previously mentioned I am a bit of a ball aficionado. I am quite picky about how balls should look, feel, taste and throw. For some unfathomable reason Humans insist on dog balls with an unnecessary bit of rope attached. My Humans say it’s so they can throw the ball for me without getting all the ghizzyness from the ball on their hands. Bunch of wusses I say, anyway the ghizzyness is the best part, it’s what catching a ball is all about, go figure.

I digress, here is the video my Humans kindly took of me getting rid of said pesky rope.

I call it Rope Removal 101, enjoy!

rr_110 And this is the final result. A ball ready for action.


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10 thoughts on “Rope Removal 101

  1. Ralph, thats impressive rope removal. Genepi can do that with those horrid squeekers.

    My advice is to take the rope (with ball still attached) in your mouth and swing it violently from side to side, letting go when you have built up some momentum. Think hammer throw. Possibly near some expensive bit of kit, like the TV.

    Worked for me. I am now rope-free.


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  2. Hi Ralph. I must try the ‘putting the leg through the rope’ technique you used, next time mum buys me one. I haven’t had one in ages – as mum isn’t keen on multi-coloured poop! From Dex, the Collie.


  3. Hi Dex,

    Yeah, that wasn’t meant to be a high point! Still showed off me dexterous paws though eh… I will come clean, I am a bit of a klutz sometimes.


    By the way, why worry about multi-color poop? your mum needs to get you one of these balls mate.


  4. Hi Ralph,
    I like the look of your ball and your rope technique. I’m a bit stick deprived at the moment, limping about, overprotective parental bipeds are mostly keeping me house bound. Perhaps we could work out how to Skype.
    Best to you buddy, Frankie

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