Dog Paddle

Ralph Border Collie Croatia

Now I was just thinking rather sadly about our lost summer and how there is a real chill in the air now (well for us in the northern hemisphere). The sky is softening to grey and the nights are coming earlier… Sigh. The last few summers I have been a keen swimmer and addict of all things watery. I just love it so much so here are a few pictures of me and water to bring back that summery feeling.


water03  In the early days I wasn’t so enamored with water but got my fair share via snow – not so summery a picture I know but I really love catching the snow flakes…

There is a small creek near where we live so I often in summer go for a quick dip. It’s not deep enough to get a good swim mind you.

water04  Me walking on water…


water05 Ahhh, that’s better


Other summers like last year in the Adriatic I had a real treat swimming in the Mediterranean with my Humans. I know I have loosely blogged about that before but here are a few more choice pickies…






Water on a hot day eh? Got to be the most refreshing beverage there is.



water13  Now I do have to get me one of these!



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9 thoughts on “Dog Paddle

  1. Hello Chum,
    This is Winston Churchill from North Carolina, US. It is getting dark earlier in my neck of the woods, too. But I delight in the cooler we because I wear some degree of a fur coat all year. My humans moved us down south about 3 months ago. The day we moved in, it was 102F. Oy. They say this was an abnormally hot summer, but you can imagine my distress. My humans got me a good summer d, but it was still tough. You look like such a fun pal. You are almost as good looking as I am. Sniff. Sniff. By the by … have you met the queen?
    Winston Churchill, PM

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  2. Hi Winston,

    Cool name! Nope I haven’t met the Queen yet but I know a couple of her corgis, they might put a good word in for me. Sadly I don’t go to England very much these days and we are moving to Australia in January. Now Australia is going to be really hot in summer. In Perth, West Australia it can get up around 110F, don’t know how I’m going to handle that! Maybe I will shed all my fur…


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  3. Great blog! Ms. Purrseidon’s eyes got very round when I scrolled down to photos of you in the Sea. I suspect she is now trying to figure out how to convince Saphera to become her swim-buddy, but I also figure she will have quite a challenge talking her into that.

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  4. My Boss-Human is the best photographer in our family, I usually try to steal her pickies for my blog cos they are the best. We all try to convince her they a really good but she still needs some convincing.

    All the best Bonnie



    1. Welcome back mate, hope the vacation was brilliant?

      We have these red squirrels here that are stuffing themselves with nuts for winter from our trees. I just love chasing em. Of course the little buggers are way too quick especially the way they scoot vertically up trees but I have cunning plan…


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