Not The “Vee-Eee-Tee” Again!

Ralph Border Collie Vet

Yes I can spell, I’m not stupid you know…

Today I heard my Humans whispering about taking me to the Vet again. Haven’t I expressed enough my displeasure of the place both in my previous blogs (here and here and here too) and directly to my Humans with my body language?


Vet3-02  Here we go again anyway. I got stuck on the weight measuring thing again, then it was onto the table and some blunt device with light coming out of it shoved in me ear. Next while my Humans tried to distract me I felt the dreaded needle jabbed into me back. Crikey have they no compassion?

At least it didn’t last long. Again it was apparently nothing serious just more of the regular medical stuff I have to do before I go to Australia. Beginning to go off that idea now… Might join Princess and Curley Humans in protest. We want to stay in Europe!!!

Vet3-04  Anyway I was so grumpy with my Humans I gave them the cold shoulder (not the lean) and then stalked off to bed at 8PM, that’ll teach em!


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5 thoughts on “Not The “Vee-Eee-Tee” Again!

  1. Yeah I know I’m lucky but my Humans are going home, I was born in Ireland… The Children-Humans are worried because they have not lived at home in Australia for most of their lives, its really difficult for them too. At least they don’t have the dreaded VET though!



  2. Ralph…. perhaps you should pack a suitcase and move in with Bob and Ellie. There is always room and Maria has a very soft spot for a dog with a suitcase, which is how she ended up with them. And thank you for reminding me that it is time for my two to visit the VET. But don’t tell Bob!

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