The Unobtainable Ball

Ralph  Don’t you just hate it when ya ball rolls under something and your Humans don’t seem to understand your pleas for assistance?



With Lassie it was apparently easy, she just looked her boy Human in the eye gave a quick yip and off they would both trot to rescue someone trapped in a well or some such thing.

trapped-03  I’ve tried the direct eye contact and yip approach… Mostly this does not work. My Humans are a bit dense on this. The interpretation and actions range from getting food, letting me outside, getting a quick pat or just “bugger off Ralph I’m busy” … so I will really have to get back to my communications training for Humans.

trapped-02  Anyway, I managed to rescue me favourite ball without my Humans help this time. Lucky eh?


I’m thinking that what my Humans need is a Dog / Human language translator, must check next time I’m online, perhaps the Google Translate app can do it?

Google Translate for dogs


My home page


6 thoughts on “The Unobtainable Ball

  1. It’s one of my favorites that’s for sure.

    Mysteriously goes missing for weeks at a time then turns up when my Humans want me to do something for them…

    Or maybe it just gets stuck under a cupboard and I forget about it until I spot it again one day and whinge to my Humans to help me rescue it!



  2. I know how you feel Ralph, my balls keep getting lost under the sofa and my mum doesn’t appreciate my attempts scrabbling to get it out especially when I went to ever so gently nibble the sofa corner – I just needed to get closer and then I could’ve got it out without her help! Some day my humans will appreciate my genius.
    Bon dog

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Bonnie,

      Thank you for the nomination! I have only really had my paws to the keyboard for about 8 months now so still pretty new to this too. It sounds like a fun way to reach out to other bloggers with similar interests so I’m in!



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