Crossing The Rhine

I was out with my Humans in The Car (I know but I was persuaded by talk of ball throwing and nice gentle walks in the woods…) not long ago and we came across this river.

rhine01 First thing that caught my eye was the funny shaped church in the middle of the river. Humans are crazy creatures, why build in the middle of the river when there is perfectly good dry land eh?

My Humans say it’s a castle with the rather long name of Pfalzgrafenstein. Built to charge tolls to travelers on the river around 1326. Tad old then… Anyway next thing I know my Humans are saying we have to cross the river. What? We are in a car, The Car what’s wrong with a perfectly good bridge?


We are not going to the boat castle? Tell me we are not?


Next this flat boat thing turns up, bloody hell…


You Humans have got to be kidding me, WE ARE NOT GOING ON THAT!


But we did… No stopping a Human once their mind is set.



This is decidedly unsafe guys, turn it around…


Are we there yet I daren’t look…


Ye Gods we made it…

I will continue this dog’s tail on another occasion. I have a Rugby match to watch…


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12 thoughts on “Crossing The Rhine

    1. Sure is, I will continue my blog on the Rhine later as we have had may trips there and its just so dramatic with the steep valleys and castles at every turn.



  1. I know I’m lucky, we are so lucky that we are living only 30 minutes from the Rhine. Its going to be really sad for all of us when we leave at the end of the year. Lots to miss…

    Hey smells terrific!!



  2. Well done to the All Blacks – my money was on them after they walked all over France.

    You have been busy blogging, Ralph. I have just been released from Prison Kennel – Humans were back in the UK for over a week – didn’t even have WiFi in there. Must get my blogging mojo back.

    Big celebrations in your house tonight?



    1. Know those kennels well so glad you are out! Sure are glad the All Blacks won but commiserations to my Aussie family members however we all enjoyed the game. I’ll post a few photos later…



    1. I just love it and my Humans even if I like to poke fun at them a little! I don’t much like the traveling but I love the destinations. It keeps by Border Collie brain sane too.


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