Yep, The VET but I do it for England…

I had to go to the dreaded VET today but luckily it wasn’t to bad.


Hey! What am I saying, it is not my favourite place Ok, just read my lips err… I mean body language…

Well there were no sharp cold pointy things being jabbed into me thankfully. We are all off to England this Sunday for a week. Traveling to the UK means I need to have my passport updated by the local VET before entry into the UK.  Wait…I have a passport?


I never knew this, its official and everything, complete with me mug-shot! My Human-Editor even had to blur out me ID for you guys, very official I must say.


Don’t ya just hate passport photos? I should have combed me fur…

Grumpy-Human has to go to England for work and as its school holidays the whole family including me get to tag along! Sadly it’s probably our last trip to the UK before my “transportation” to Australia. We are going in The Car which I loathe but I love England so that more than compensates. I hope I get to see my old Puppy School alumni, must see if Boss-Human stayed in touch with their Humans…

Obviously I will try and blog on the adventure as we travel, assuming I can sneak onto Curly-Humans laptop that is. That can be problematic as she’s usually rather glued to it.


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Snow White, A Wolf and a Big Cat

I woke up this morning, well I was woken up by those noisy Humans of mine, and peered out the window…


White, white everywhere, it snowed last night! Winter came early. I just love snow, I love catching it as it falls, I love my Humans throwing snow balls and me catching em, I love snow ball fights too!


Come on guys we gotta go into the forest, this is real snow. You won’t be getting this back in ya really really hot Western Australia my Human family and you know it!


Hey, Grumpy-Humans Jag is out! Ha Hah, just in time to be snowed on… That’s what he gets for not letting me ride in it, so what if I shed a few hairs on the seats eh? He says he is bringing it to Australia, what a contrasting picture that will make.



I’m a wolf, well I share the same genes you know. Look I blend in rather well in my black and white colours.

snow1115-09   I can just see myself stalking my prey… waiting hidden to the last minute while some unsuspecting deer wanders by, me leaping out ready for the chase!


Nah…, on second thoughts stalking balls is way more fun and they don’t kick and bite back.




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A Dogs Photo Day

In keeping with my last blog on staying away from current events in the Human world with all its stresses and worries, today I thought I would just show you some of my personal favorite photos. Some you will have seen in old blogs some you wont. Take your mind of the world and enjoy a dogs life…



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Border Patrol aka Border Collie Patrol

Here you go guys…

The Life and Times of Ralph

Now it has come to my attention that our house is pretty much unprotected, I do my best to keep out the riff-raff but I think the job needs to be more formal so my Humans take it more seriously. We have our own Border and that requires a Border Collie eh? OK an Immigration / Customs & Excise officer if I’m not mistaken.

borderp1  I have seen these guys many times at border crossing during my travels. In general I usually bark fiercely at them as they all look a bit dodgy to me and my Humans always seem a tad nervous around them too.

But I now see the necessity of these guys in light of our unprotected home. We need one urgently and that would be me then I recon. Hence forth to be known as The Border Collie Patrol Officer, Collies On Patrol directorate and simply…

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A Basement Banishment

I was turfed into the basement today for no other reason than I was barking at the plumber guy who came to fix the bathroom. Now come on I was just letting everyone know there was a potential intruder, it’s my job, right?

Humans don’t seem to understand the need to keep visitors on their toes with a little pretend fierce barking. I don’t think my Humans were taking me seriously because I had a ball in my mouth while barking. Plumber guy was laughing so much he couldn’t get his work done. He should have seen me take out a meces with a ball a few months ago eh.

It’s not just plumber guy, we have a lot of visitors recently and stuff keeps disappearing! I’m guessing my Humans are ditching stuff they don’t want any more before The Big Move… I keep checking and rechecking where everything is because nothing seems safe and secure.


See, front gate left wide open. This guys is what I am talking about!

I think it’s time I remind my family and visitors of my alter-ego as The Cop, protector of houses and Humans, scourge of the meces. I blogged about this ages ago but a re-post I think is in order as a gentle reminder…

R (The Cop)

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Australia and her scary and not-so-scary critters

With all the talk of scary creatures in Australia lately and my highly edible self being “transported” to Australia in January this timely post gave me hope!

Where to next?

pelicans In recent years, pelicans have started hanging out at Lake Burley Griffin

Fellow blogger, Cryptic Garland, recently did a post with a pic of a huntsman spider clutching her egg sac that most likely held a gazillion baby huntsmen.

It started a flurry of comments about Australia’s deadly creatures. We’ve got more than our share of snakes and spiders in the world’s top 10 most poisonous. And of course there are the sharks too.

We’ve hosted many exchange students and most of them come to the country terrified that they will encounter the ‘Three Esses—spiders, snakes and sharks’ probably all on the first day.

I always thought they should have been more concerned about liking school, making friends and fitting in with their host family. But I digress.

Cormorant, Lake Burley Griffin Another frequent visitor to the lake. This is a darter, rather than a cormorant.

The flurry of comments didn’t make a single…

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A Dog Rants About Bureaucracy, VETs and Goldfish

gvet01  This morning I was minding my own business after the wee-Humans had trotted off to school (although they have other names for it un-repeatable here) when I notice  keys jingling, comfy (i.e. not walking) shoes going on and then The Car lead comes out. Oh no, not The Car… As usual I sneak off somewhere hoping they will forget me, never works…

Next thing I’m in The Car off to what I suspect is The VET but the direction we take is different. Very strange.  We stop some 30 minutes later deep in the inner Frankfurt suburbs.


Can we go home? I have a bad feeling about this place

This monster building turns out to be the German Commercial Registrar for all things vehicle related oh and… … dogs, go figure! We really are here to see a VET but oh no not just any VET it’s the official Government of Germany VET.


What? I’m out of here… Let me go…


I think I see my escape exit. Easy to shake the collar then straight for those bushes…

Turned out better than I expected. No examinations, no prodding and poking and sticking cold sharp things into you. Having said that the whole reason for the visit sounds really complicated and unnecessary but officials love their bureaucracy it keeps em in a job. We are here to negotiate an appointment with the Official VET close to my Australian departure date for a paper stamp that Australian officials will recognize and then accept me for Quarantine. Can’t be done on the phone or by email as the date is over 8 weeks away, it’s the rule…

You see as s I approach my departure date for Australia we must organise a last local VET visit and then official Government VET certification of said visit just 5 days before arrival into Australia. With three days (bloody hell, they didn’t tell me that before!) journey time to Australia that gives only 2 days in Frankfurt to get it done. Now to complicate this even more the German Government VET in Frankfurt is only open 1 hour a week on a Wednesday, good work if you can get it eh? Of course the Wednesday window is not working for us. Hence our visit to, god forbid, organise an appointment outside the government official hour.

Also just to make life even more difficult Australia now demands all animals must be quarantined in Melbourne regardless of their final destination which is even further away than Perth. I guess it makes life easier for those government workers. I mean who cares about the customer (make no mistake we are customers you should see what they charge for this) anyway, it’s not like we have a choice.

AND… I just found out I have to spend TEN DAYS in quarantine in Melbourne then be stuffed on yet another plane for 3 or 4 hours to reunite with my family in Perth! This just gets better and better…

Not sure I want to be reunited now what with all this hassle and all these stories of weird animals that can eat you in fiendish ways, who would want to go live in Australia? Perhaps I will just stay right here in Frankfurt eh, you guys have a lovely life in Australia … just kidding but what an ordeal. My Humans should have bought a goldfish!



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The Rhine – Kaub to St Goar


This is my final part of a little journey up the Rhine. We cross the river at Kaub as I mentioned under great stress a week ago on this doggy car ferry thingy..


Now we have a gentle winding road through colorful villages along the Rhine to our destination, Saint Goar


Humans take note please!


Yet another castle. Boy those olden day Humans loved their castles eh. My Humans say they were mostly to lord over the river and extort tolls from travelers.


A popular dude in St Goar. Will have to ask my Humans about him but I think he was the Monk the town was named after…

The best bit of visiting St Goar is the walk up to Castle Rheinfels which has great views from high above the Rhine. It’s an easy walk and the views and food from the outdoor bistro are brilliant (if you can beg, borrow or steal it from your humans that is, some techniques on that here).


Castle Rheinfels


Awesome views as you sip your beverages


The descent through the vineyards are pretty good for views too.


It’s a bit of a fixer-upper-a when you go around the back of the castle though, just saying…

Of course you also have legendary Loreley just over on the other side of the river from Saint Goar. We didn’t go to that side of the river on this trip so no pictures but I thought it worth a mention as you Humans seem to love the legend. As a dog I really don’t get this but what I heard was that a maiden used to lure sailors to their death on the rocks there by singing songs, go figure eh… It is a very deep and narrow part of the Rhine, very tricky navigation so I guess sailors have had a few issues there over the years. You can read  a bit about Loreley on the Rhine, check out this web site.


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