A Rugby World Champion Dog


Ralph The All Black!

Congratulations New Zealand, Rugby World Cup 2015 Champions!

I’d be a great All Black, I have the ball skills and the colours too. Will have to have a word with that bloke Carter, he’s moving to France which is not too far from here…


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7 thoughts on “A Rugby World Champion Dog

  1. Whoa, you really should be on the team!

    Quick question for you,
    If there is a herd of sheep running out of their pen, is it okay to scare them back in the pen, even if their Border Collie is around? Because I did that yesterday and the Border Collie didn’t seem too pleased with me, even though he didn’t act interested in actually herding the sheep.
    Did I cross a line?

    Thanks Ralph!


    1. You crossed the line. This becomes a demarcation dispute because you are encroaching on the Border Collie’s job mate. Boy you were lucky! Could have been a serious breach of sheep rounding up etiquette that one…



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