The Rhine – Kaub to St Goar


This is my final part of a little journey up the Rhine. We cross the river at Kaub as I mentioned under great stress a week ago on this doggy car ferry thingy..


Now we have a gentle winding road through colorful villages along the Rhine to our destination, Saint Goar


Humans take note please!


Yet another castle. Boy those olden day Humans loved their castles eh. My Humans say they were mostly to lord over the river and extort tolls from travelers.


A popular dude in St Goar. Will have to ask my Humans about him but I think he was the Monk the town was named after…

The best bit of visiting St Goar is the walk up to Castle Rheinfels which has great views from high above the Rhine. It’s an easy walk and the views and food from the outdoor bistro are brilliant (if you can beg, borrow or steal it from your humans that is, some techniques on that here).


Castle Rheinfels


Awesome views as you sip your beverages


The descent through the vineyards are pretty good for views too.


It’s a bit of a fixer-upper-a when you go around the back of the castle though, just saying…

Of course you also have legendary Loreley just over on the other side of the river from Saint Goar. We didn’t go to that side of the river on this trip so no pictures but I thought it worth a mention as you Humans seem to love the legend. As a dog I really don’t get this but what I heard was that a maiden used to lure sailors to their death on the rocks there by singing songs, go figure eh… It is a very deep and narrow part of the Rhine, very tricky navigation so I guess sailors have had a few issues there over the years. You can read  a bit about Loreley on the Rhine, check out this web site.


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