Australia and her scary and not-so-scary critters

With all the talk of scary creatures in Australia lately and my highly edible self being “transported” to Australia in January this timely post gave me hope!

Where to next?

pelicans In recent years, pelicans have started hanging out at Lake Burley Griffin

Fellow blogger, Cryptic Garland, recently did a post with a pic of a huntsman spider clutching her egg sac that most likely held a gazillion baby huntsmen.

It started a flurry of comments about Australia’s deadly creatures. We’ve got more than our share of snakes and spiders in the world’s top 10 most poisonous. And of course there are the sharks too.

We’ve hosted many exchange students and most of them come to the country terrified that they will encounter the ‘Three Esses—spiders, snakes and sharks’ probably all on the first day.

I always thought they should have been more concerned about liking school, making friends and fitting in with their host family. But I digress.

Cormorant, Lake Burley Griffin Another frequent visitor to the lake. This is a darter, rather than a cormorant.

The flurry of comments didn’t make a single…

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