A Basement Banishment

I was turfed into the basement today for no other reason than I was barking at the plumber guy who came to fix the bathroom. Now come on I was just letting everyone know there was a potential intruder, it’s my job, right?

Humans don’t seem to understand the need to keep visitors on their toes with a little pretend fierce barking. I don’t think my Humans were taking me seriously because I had a ball in my mouth while barking. Plumber guy was laughing so much he couldn’t get his work done. He should have seen me take out a meces with a ball a few months ago eh.

It’s not just plumber guy, we have a lot of visitors recently and stuff keeps disappearing! I’m guessing my Humans are ditching stuff they don’t want any more before The Big Move… I keep checking and rechecking where everything is because nothing seems safe and secure.


See, front gate left wide open. This guys is what I am talking about!

I think it’s time I remind my family and visitors of my alter-ego as The Cop, protector of houses and Humans, scourge of the meces. I blogged about this ages ago but a re-post I think is in order as a gentle reminder…

R (The Cop)

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5 thoughts on “A Basement Banishment

  1. Ralph, it is typical of humans to get rid of things they no longer use when faced with a move. They also often begin packing seasonal items. Don’t worry about things going missing…. and good job with the plumber! Saphera would have tried to hide – obviously, she flunked protector school.


  2. Oh poor Ralph. JaYoBaCa totally understands. That plumber guy not only was an intruder, but he could’ve been after your ball too! Good job keeping it in your mouth while barking.


  3. Just make sure your humans don’t pack your favourite balls/blankets etc in the Big Move! We all need our favourite things with us in time of upheaval…

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  4. Sorry Ralph, but if you barked at my plumber guy you’d be shut in the bedroom. Plumber guys charge like wounded bulls and I don’t know how they’d charge if they were wounded too. But it’s okay to bark at the burglar guy.

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