Border Patrol aka Border Collie Patrol

Here you go guys…

The Life and Times of Ralph

Now it has come to my attention that our house is pretty much unprotected, I do my best to keep out the riff-raff but I think the job needs to be more formal so my Humans take it more seriously. We have our own Border and that requires a Border Collie eh? OK an Immigration / Customs & Excise officer if I’m not mistaken.

borderp1  I have seen these guys many times at border crossing during my travels. In general I usually bark fiercely at them as they all look a bit dodgy to me and my Humans always seem a tad nervous around them too.

But I now see the necessity of these guys in light of our unprotected home. We need one urgently and that would be me then I recon. Hence forth to be known as The Border Collie Patrol Officer, Collies On Patrol directorate and simply…

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