Happy Days

I love these simple days, these happy days romping in the autumn leaves, not a care in the world, forgetting all the stresses of life in the Human world. Just me, my Human, a ball and a forest to run in, perfect! Here are a few pictures of me this afternoon in our forest.






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6 thoughts on “Happy Days

  1. Beautiful forest! Thank you for sharing the lovely autumn day — we don’t see things like this in Florida…. That ball looks like it could be a lot of fun 😉


    1. My Humans always comment on this, they say I have the most expressive eyes of any dog they have met. Does not help me when I want a treat or something from them mind you…



  2. So much fun to be had in those leaves Ralph! You’ll have equally good fun in Perth, just fun of a different sort. ☀️


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