A Border Collie Crossing Borders

Well I made it to England. Sorry about my blurry eyes and silly Human… What a trip. Easy to drive from Frankfurt through Germany and Belgium but once we got to the French border near Dunkirk whoohh, big road block and huge delays as security checked all vehicles coming in to France. The knock on from the Paris incident of course. Rather pleased actually, makes me and my Humans feel safer.

Any way once through that we had elected to use the Ferry route to Dover, England. Big mistake. A huge storm arrives delaying our departure then what a ride at sea… And guess what? Us dogs are locked in our cars for the crossing while our Humans are aloud out on the ship, not fair! Our car was up the front so it was not pleasant with the rocking and rolling for several hours.

Glad to say I arrived fine but a little ruffled as my picture will attest!

More later












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