Eccentric England

As you know me and me Humans are visiting England.  I’m having great fun catching up with mates and revisiting my old haunts in England. I do have to tell you about the eccentricity of the English seaside though.


Visiting the coastal village of Southwold in the English county of Suffolk we came across the local pier which juts out some 200 m into the North Sea.

Now I am not making this up, honest! They have a dog walking machine on the pier! It has a real working mechanical dog and treadmill for pulling along its poor Humans. Here are a few pictures.





I even saw a contraption for testing older Humans that need a walking frame. It was a kind of game of chicken with older Humans and cars!


Turns out there were many strange machines there all designed and built by an English Engineer-Cartoonist by the name of Tim Hunkin.

Well more later as I head home to Germany…


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