Last German Christmas Markets


Well Christmas is almost here and so is our family leaving Germany. One of our favorite places at this time of year here in Germany is the Christmas markets. They spring up in most German towns a few weeks before Christmas selling all manner of trinkets, Christmas decorations and crafts. But what I love most is The Food! Actually I find the markets a bit overwhelming for us dogs because of the crowds of Humans. All that noise and confusion but oh man, the food is delicious if I can beg, borrow or steal it from my Humans that is.


At the Rudesheim Christmas market they had a really nice display of Humans and sheep. I have no idea why but I thought it fun to try and round up the sheep. I tried but they were fake, go figure!

My Humans seem to enjoy the vast variety of hot drinks from hot chocolates to Glühwein (mulled wine). The mugs they came in are just as varied and often unique to a market or town. I know this because my Humans seemed to have amassed a vast collection of them at home!

And as mentioned already the food is varied and all great, if not a little worrying for the ole waistline (yep I take care of myself you know). Here are a few pictures of my favs from the markets…


Top left is the very yummy Karttoffel-Puffer, basically a hash brown but with a much more tasty batter and eaten mostly with apple sauce

Top right is the famous Flammkuchen. It’s like a German version of a pizza with potatoes, ham and a creamy sauce but there are many other topping to be had.

Bottom left is the very yummy (so I’m told as apparently it’s not good for me Human ruse) chocolate covered fruits.

Bottom right is my absolute favorite, a Flammlach. This is salmon lightly smoke cooked at the stall then served on fresh baked bread with lettuce and salad dressing.


Me scoring a piece of Flammkuchen. See the look em in the eye trick and a deft paw works wonders eh?



Things are getting a bit busy (its Christmas Eve as I write this) around here, it might be a while before I get another chance to put paw to keyboard. My Humans are wrapping me pressies, hoping for more balls of course, you can never have too many. Now to finish off this post here are a few general pictures of the markets to give you a feel for the atmosphere, enjoy.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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12 thoughts on “Last German Christmas Markets

  1. Merry Christmas to you too!

    Yep, I got a few bags of treats too. A few new balls and some dodgy fluffy thing that my Humans thought I might like coz it looks like a fox. Naturally I had that in pieces withing 5 minutes…

    It was a good day for us all.



  2. Those markets look so magical Ralph! And what tasty treats to choose from. My fav mugs were from Weisbadener.
    I had a little tear in my eye reading this and knowing it was your last ever European Christmas… Xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Ralph,
    Those German foods look very tasty and quite different to what Mum experienced. She had Wurst in Berlin and Spetzler but mainly remember cakes and the bread.
    We thought you might enjoy a visit to Solveig’s Advent Calendar series, which ran through December. Mum wrote about us having a stinking hot Australian Christmas, which was a huge lie because all we’ve had is rain. Here’s the link:
    xx Bilbo & Lady.

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  4. Thanks for the link, what a great idea. They do love their Advent Calendars here in Germany. I had one for dogs that gave out new treats each day!



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