Where Is My White Christmas?

Ralph and the snowmanThis was this time last year in our back yard in near Frankfurt, Germany!

Today it was 8C and no sign of snow, there are blossoms starting to emerge for gods sake… I want snow ball fights, skidding down hills on sleds, silly snowmen…

I’m going somewhere really hot for a really long time in a couple of weeks, I need this!


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4 thoughts on “Where Is My White Christmas?

  1. Well, Ralph, Mum’s always telling us we’ve got to be thankful and so we thought we’d spread the message and share it with you. At least you’re heading to Perth and not to rainy Sydney where almost 20mm of rain’s fallen today. Our kennel is about to be swept off to the beach in a torrent! It’s currently 26 degrees in Perth and mostly sunny.
    Mum says it can get very hot in Perth and that she’s even seen candles melt over in the heat but she also says there’s a huge wind called the Fremantle Doctor, which cools the place down in the afternoon and you open all the house up and it blows the heat away.
    However, while Mum says you’ve got to be grateful and count your blessings, I also think it’s ok to grieve and miss a place, especially your home.
    We’ve never seen snow but some of our other dog friends which live in Mum’s computer, love the stuff. She thinks they’re mad just like when Bilbo stands out there in the rain when he has a perfected good kennel.
    Anyway, we hope it snows before you leave!
    xx Bilbo & Lady.

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