Ralph Released

Hi I’m out! Safely in Perth Western Australia and reunited with my Human Family.


Trundled out at Perth airport, different crate than the one I departed Germany in, long story. My ten days in Melbourne Quarantine were fabulous, if I had a hat I would take it off to them. They treated me like a VIP which was so cool. Loads of fun ball catching and meeting other dogs, over 50 dogs there from all over the world.


Perth Airport is a tad hot though…



Ahhh… in the air-conditioned car and on my way to my new home.



This is it, a new life behind these doors eh?

More blogging soon but our internet has not yet been installed so it’s a bit hit and miss  stealing Boss-Human’s mobile internet connection…


My home page









6 thoughts on “Ralph Released

    1. Yep, even the Vets in Melbourne were friendly. The quarantine facility was very good as were the staff too. Someone had written a sign on my crate saying “This is Ralph, take special care of him he is a real Sweety”! Heh heh, they obviously don’t know me too well… If any other dogs are worried about it, it was like a short holiday break!



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