My First Walk in Perth, Western Australia


Just a short blog showing a few pictures of my first walk down to Perth’s Swan River which turns out to be 10 minutes (well for my lazy Humans that is, really a couple of minutes trot) from my new home.



See I haven’t lost any of me ball catching skills eh… Just as sharp as ever!



I’m settling in well now although the heat still gets to me but nothing a splash in the river can’t cure… I have had a bit of an upset tummy and a cough that seems to be fading now, much to my anxious Humans relief.

No sign of any nasty critters (I’m keeping a beady eye out for those moving stick things). The local bird life make some crazy noises like nothing you have heard. More screeches than the forest bird songs of Germany.


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6 thoughts on “My First Walk in Perth, Western Australia

    1. You betcha there are. Seems my Humans are a little discouraging mind you on catching one. The Swan River was named after the the native home to the famous Black Swan. I’ll blog about this later. They are pretty impressive birds so I doubt I can catch one with my all to observant Humans around…


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  1. Yep, just discovered one in trotting distance so will be trying it out soon. Lots of other dogs to play with by the look of it and balls to “aquire”…



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