My New Home Range

Hi Guys I have not been out travelling as much as I used to in Europe, well not yet anyway. Mainly because we are still getting our new house in order and settling in to our new country.


A little about our local area though. It’s a beautiful suburb of Perth near the Indian Ocean port of Fremantle and very close to the Swan River which runs through the centre of Perth. The Swan River is named after its unique black swans. I am still working on a cunning plan to catch one…




My Humans have located a nice “off leash” dog walking area. It’s beautiful shared sports park, overlooking the Swan River. Today I was there with about 6 other dogs all off our leaches playing together, stealing each other’s balls and just having a great time. Dare I say it, maybe even better fun than with my German hund pals in the forest!



srFeb03  A spot of ballet anyone?

We have a dog friendly beach close by too so more on that soon. The only real negative so far is that us dogs are not allowed in any shops or restaurants! Really surprising since it was no problem in most of Europe, oh well must get used to change eh?


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5 thoughts on “My New Home Range

    1. I’m good now, it was all that travelling. Feeling great apart from the heat, we are due for 42C temps soon, there is only so much you can shed…



  1. Hey, Ralph, have you considered auditioning for the Australian Ballet? Your ballet moves are very impressive. If you want to go to a cafe, you might have to head over east. It depends on where you are but quite acceptable in many places.
    I don’t envy you your 42 degrees. I have lived in Geraldton where is was quite commonly 46 degrees in Summer. We didn’t have air con at home but thank goodness for the Fremantle Doctor, who I’m sure you’ve met by now, as that cooled the house down after work. On the few nights it didn’t turn up, it was hellishly hot!
    Hope you’ve learned how to say “G’day mate!” to your new doggy friends!
    xx Rowena.


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