A Dogs Perspective: First Month In Australia Pt 1

Ok, here we go. I have paw to keys, its been a month since I arrived in sunny Perth, Western Australia. Time for a review me thinks.

In late January after my flights from Germany and 10 days quarantine in Melbourne my arrival at Perth Airport was pretty traumatic.


Yes my family were there to meet me, that was soooo goood. I thought they had abandoned me. I had a backup plan, buttering up the Quarantine ladies in Melbourne in the hopes they would take me home, almost worked too! Lots of hugs, kisses and tears from my Humans later and all was well in my world again.


Border Collie Ralph in a Heatwave

The second thing that was traumatic was the heat. In Germany the highest I experienced was 37C which I blogged about last year in Castles In A Heatwave. Sadly no castles like that here in Australia


Perth was 40C when I arrived, now bear in mind I still had my winter coat and only 14 days earlier was whining about -4C and snow in Frankfurt!








And it got hotter, up to 47C one day (that’s 117F for me American mates). And I have to tell you this, my Humans new house is in need of a little renovation so NO AIR-CON! Well I flopped around the place trying to stay cool. Me and me Humans took many trips in the air-conditioned car. The thing that saved me though and is now one of my favourite things is me Humans new home is very close to the Swan River.

Himmm, nice and cool but what about the sharks eh?

This is a pretty big river that even has its own beaches which are for the most part very dog friendly. So walks morning and evenings (when its cooler) with lots of swimming and ball catching in the water was perfect.

At home during the hotter parts of the day a good hose down does wonders too.


I think I may actually love this place more than my forests in Germany… there I said it!












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7 thoughts on “A Dogs Perspective: First Month In Australia Pt 1

  1. Hi Ralph,
    My goodness. You deserve a gold medal for all your trials and tribulations lately. You are a very resilient dog. I don’t know how I’d be spent 10 days in quarantine in a foreign country away from my family without any explanation of what was going on. You must’ve felt abandoned but then the excitement with your humans return!!! You could write a song about all of this!
    You also have my sympathies about arriving in the Perth heat in your Winter coat. I look at my dogs, one of whom is a full BC and the other is crossed with a cavalier and think how clever they are having an in-built coat and they’re always ready to go out and aren’t like me trying to work out what to wear and my kids looking for missing shoes etc. However, managing such sudden changes in temperature is a drawback. Did you lose your winter coat pretty quickly? I hope so although your humans must have been cursing the fur everywhere.
    I’ve been in touch with a guy in Canada who was telling me about how dogs over there are rugged up in jumpers and have special dog slippers for going outside. That’s a world away from the heat here.
    Anyway, sounds ike you are starting to settle in and watch out for those sharks. They are not made up.
    xx Rowena


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