Sunsets WA

Sorry Guys, I have been rather slack at blogging over the last month. So much has been happening in my real world that time has slipped through me paws…

I will be back in to it soon. Here in the mean time are a few choice pickies of those incredible Indian Ocean and West Coast sunsets that Perth is lucky enough to see almost every day. I never saw anything like this in my days in Europe.





Swimming at sunset eh… who knew the pleasures of this when living in land-locked Frankfurt!

Take Care All


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5 thoughts on “Sunsets WA

    1. Absolutely! Forest – Beach… I choose beach! Love the forest, don’t get me wrong but warm and soft on me paws beach himmm… Those forest meces will just have to wait.



  1. I miss those WA sunsets, Ralph. They’re incredible. That said, I could do more to appreciate sunsets around here. We live at the beach and our beach faces South so we do get a sunset over the side of the beach. Currently cool and wet here…as is the dog.
    xx Rowena


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