G’Day From WA

I bet you had all given up on me, the most travelled Border Collie in the world? Well don’t you worry I’m back after a wee holiday from blogging and stuff. I met up with an ole blog friend of mine and he gave me a right ticking off for worrying him and my old regular readers. So it’s G’Day from WA!

What have I been up to? Well it has been a busy time settling in to my new country. Here is a snap shot of the last six months in Perth, Western Australia. Have a great Christmas everyone and enjoy!

Now that’s what I call a good shake!
Balloons are brilliant, don’t know why my humans hadn’t introduced me to these little wonders before! Balloons are the new bubbles.
Come on you guys, there’s a ball section down here!

In Germany I was allowed in almost any shop or restaurant with my humans.

Just make sure mine has extra spice, Ok…

Not so in Australia. However our local DIY / Home Improvement store now lets us dogs in though it is rather controversial. I get scowled at by some of the local shoppers, almost a German withering look. Why? You humans are allowed in here aren’t you?

Its Curly-Humans’s birthday. However I do believe this pressie is mine…
Get me outta here!!!

They even have the dreaded V.E.T.’s here in Australia too, and I still don’t like em…

Perth dog parks, yah gotta love em.




Hot weather is back and that means hoses and water, yippee.



It’s a dog’s life eh? Merry Christmas from WA!
















6 thoughts on “G’Day From WA

  1. Great to see you back, Ralph. I love chatting to Border Collies and am also delighted to find anyone living in the Southern Hemisphere and Australia is even better. Those people up North can forget it’s Summer down here and the flip side of their experience.
    I lived in WA for 2 years and loved it over there…especially Freo. My aunt lives there an dI’d love to get over there soon.
    xx Rowena

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This is my first hot Christmas ever… himmm… feel there could be a blog in that…
      We live in East Freo, I love it here although my Aussie Humans who have lived way to long in the Northern Hemisphere are pining for a white Christmas!



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