Last Summer…

Ok, it’s a bit chilly here in Fremantle due to the fact that it is winter. This means me Humans are a little reluctant to take me out to the Dog Park and beach for walks and ball chucking. So I thought some pictures from last summer might cheer me up! This is East Fremantle Dog Park and River Beach

Yeah, I know, the blue on me ball is the end of me Humans ball-chucker thing, I was a bit exuberant and bit the ball off complete with ball catcher cup, cool eh!

Right! Nobody move, the Border Collies got this!
Come on you lot! We got a beach down here and everything!
Do not move ball or I will have ya!

Me heading for the ball some dopey human chucked far too far away. Bloody seagulls dive bombed me on the way back too. Pity me Humans didn’t get a pickie of that.

Got it, sweet! And no seagulls or crocs got me either. Time to go home.

See ya next time


I Love Pies

One of me absolute favourite Human Food is a pie. Now for you Americans out there who think a pie is something sweet, like Apple pie: No way, these are MEAT pies people. Yep filled with yummy beef, lamb, pork, chicken, even seafood.

Having said that, there was the time back when we lived in Germany when Grumpy-Human decided due to a lack of locally available pies to make his own… Now this was always going to end in disaster of course coz he can’t cook. But even worse he can’t read German either and bought some pastry from the local Aldi supermarket but not understanding the label “Süßes Gebäck”. On the plus side I scored sweet meat pies for a week coz no one else would eat them!

The recipe for savoury pies is pretty simple really, a short crust pastry and a nice filling of meat and gravy sauce. Last month in Australia the annual great pie baking competition was held by the BAA (Baking Association of Australia) for the 2019 best pies, check out the link. Maybe next year they will let me be a judge eh.

Ok, I’m ready for some chicken pie! And I”ll tell ya about me Lion King obsession another time…

Now unfortunately for me Grumpy-Human being a big fan of pies, as evidenced by this T-Shirt, usually scoffs the lot leaving nothing for me. 

However today I was able to sample a chicken and a beef curry pie, I guess he was feeling generous…

Is that it! Oh come on guys…

Although not award winning pies they are from a local baker and are pretty delicious none the less.

Until next time


The Mystery of “What Really Happened to Curly-Human” Solved

Hey, Curly-Human left me this little present, a farewell drawing of me with love! Miss ya Curly-Human!

And… I have found Curly-Human! Well I saw her and heard her voice on a big screen today, in something the Humans call a Skype call. Now I’m not stupid ya know, I realised some time ago that when you see ya human or even a Puddy Tat on the TV Screen it’s not really them but just a picture! Ok… Ok… I did used to think a Puddy Tat on the screen was real. 

It was worth a peer behind for the said Puddy Tat but my Humans laughter put me right on that little joke.

So Curly’s OK peoples! Just a long way away. It turns out she is visiting friends in our old town of Haddenham in England. Kinda wish I was with her, I could see me old mates again…

… Nahhh on the other hand that would mean a trip in that flying contraption again, nope, nope, NO! Here are a few pickies from me days living in Haddenham. It’s a pretty little village in Buckinghamshire about 80 km north of London.

Old memories eh? And seeing the old village pond again reminds me of the time I “fell in” the duck pond and chased some ducks, upsetting the locals… better leave that story to another time…

Boy was I little and sooo cute back then! Still had to grow into me feet and ears.
Me, a little pup, flying through the Haddenham fields . that’s Curly in the background.

You may think some of these pictures look familiar, well it turns out our quaint little village is often used as a backdrop for filming the British Mystery TV series Midsomer Murders! Yep keep an eye out for older episodes ya might just see me in the background photobombing a shoot!!


P.S Still want me flock back together though, just sayin.

The Master Detective Steps Up

Hi Guys,

Something I need to get off my chest… You see my Humans have been quite careless and lost one of me flock. Yep, Curly-Human has gone missing. It’s been three weeks now and no sign of her.

I keep expressing my deep dissatisfaction with this turn of events but my stupid Humans seem quite oblivious to the crisis. I’ve tried the old technique of sidling up to a human, yip and look deep and meaningfully into their eyes, nothin… The response is usually some facetious remark like “What is it Lassie? Boy down a well?” Well yeah in a manner of speaking, WE ARE MISSING SOMEONE YA DOPEY HUMAN!!!

I guess it’s up to me then to sort this all out and come to the rescue. Don’t panic everybody, the Border Collie’s got this!

Observations of a master dog sleuth then:

  1. Last seen with my humans (all three of em) three weeks ago helping her out to the car with a lot of human junk stuff (but they always carry a lot of that stuff – I just call it crap…).
  2. Yes now that I think about it there was a lot more human stuff than usual that went with her.
  3. Her room in our house is just as she left it… and just as messy… which I love! So no change there then.


  1. Big warning note to me though… I keep an eye on our family calendar entries – I’m a Border Collie, I need to know these things… Nudder, nothing new on the calendar except one last entry which is a big sticker of an aeroplane… briiiiii I hate those contraptions, I once spend days travelling in one… never never again. If one of those infernal beasts has her then we are in BIG trouble everybody… Just sayin.ch15-14  See this is how ya travel in em. Not cool.
  2. More recently I have noticed Princess-Human sneaking into Curly’s room and removing items such as the odd piece of human clothing. Now I know from experience this would NEVER happen if Curly were around or even nearby. All hell would break loose if Curly or Princess stole each other’s stuff. Princess must know more than she is letting on. Himmm…
  3. One more thing, I did hear Curly’s voice the other day coming out of one of the Humans addiction devices they always have attached to their hands (don’t know why – another mystery of the Human universe I live in). Any way it was definitely her, and I tried to bark back but was shooed off into another room – mutter… mutter… But it proves she is still around somewhere.

My initial conclusions then are this:

Curly-Human is still with us but has been shrunk down to the size of an insect and is now living in one of those devices the Humans call a Smart Phone. Poor thing.

Don’t worry I will get to the bottom of this mystery, it’s not over yet.

R (aka The Canine Super Sleuth)

Hello World

Hi all, just thought I’d post a quick picky of me after a nice swim. Just letting you all know I am still here even if I have found it difficult to find time to blog in quite a while. I can’t believe its over three years now, living in Perth, Western Australia and hey, I’m seven years old! I feel a midlife crisis coming on…

No promises but I will endeavour to bring you all up to date on my Aussie adventures soon.