The Mystery of “What Really Happened to Curly-Human” Solved

Hey, Curly-Human left me this little present, a farewell drawing of me with love! Miss ya Curly-Human!

And… I have found Curly-Human! Well I saw her and heard her voice on a big screen today, in something the Humans call a Skype call. Now I’m not stupid ya know, I realised some time ago that when you see ya human or even a Puddy Tat on the TV Screen it’s not really them but just a picture! Ok… Ok… I did used to think a Puddy Tat on the screen was real. 

It was worth a peer behind for the said Puddy Tat but my Humans laughter put me right on that little joke.

So Curly’s OK peoples! Just a long way away. It turns out she is visiting friends in our old town of Haddenham in England. Kinda wish I was with her, I could see me old mates again…

… Nahhh on the other hand that would mean a trip in that flying contraption again, nope, nope, NO! Here are a few pickies from me days living in Haddenham. It’s a pretty little village in Buckinghamshire about 80 km north of London.

Old memories eh? And seeing the old village pond again reminds me of the time I “fell in” the duck pond and chased some ducks, upsetting the locals… better leave that story to another time…

Boy was I little and sooo cute back then! Still had to grow into me feet and ears.
Me, a little pup, flying through the Haddenham fields . that’s Curly in the background.

You may think some of these pictures look familiar, well it turns out our quaint little village is often used as a backdrop for filming the British Mystery TV series Midsomer Murders! Yep keep an eye out for older episodes ya might just see me in the background photobombing a shoot!!


P.S Still want me flock back together though, just sayin.

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