The Mathematical Dog

Humans live a lot longer than us dogs, not fair I say! On average a medium sized dog lives about 1/7 of the years a Human lives, hence the ole rule of thumb that you multiple a dogs actual years by 7 to get the Human equivalent. So as I’m 7 and half years old, in Human years that’s about 53, oh no I’m really old (but still good at math)!

Now a recent study done by the University of California, San Diego found that this is in fact incorrect. The University study was done with Labradors so I’m not sure how accurate that will be! Apparently dogs age quite rapidly at first then this tapers off as we get older. If you are interested, New Scientist ran an article about the study, here is the link.

This is the new formula, a bit of a doozie for us dogs:

Human_Age_of_a_Dog = 16 x ln(dog_years) + 31

So I tried this on me self: 16 x ln(7.5) + 31 = 63. Wait, 63! That’s older than even Grumpy Human!!! No way, I told ya they should not have done the study on Labradors. That was their problem. I’m going to keep using the proven x 7 formula!

Any way I thought it might be fun to test this on myself through me mug shots through the years:



My Favourite Place – Not!

The Palmyra Vet Hospital is not my favourite place. I was here a couple of years ago it it wasn’t a happy time. Don’t get me wrong, the staff are wonderful and they even give me treats. But I KNOW VETS! Ever since me days in Germany where I was pushed, poked and jabbed to get me marching orders to come to Australia. I can smell a Vet a mile off. Even read it in me Humans eyes when they are planning a visit. I usually skedaddle off some where safe and hide.

Woe… they found me. I gotta find me a better hiding place.

Apparently I have a lump on my side that me Humans are concerned about. Me, I think its fine, just a little golf ball but me worry-wort Humans have to make a fuss…

Are we done???

Nope. I felt this sting in me leg and nothin… I woke up to find me Humans gone and just the Vet staff. Just as I was planning me cunning escape my Humans turn up.

Actually I don’t think me escape plan would have worked since I could barely stand up, they must have slipped something in that treat I ate…. so groggy and tired. See these Vets do stuff to ya, not happy…

Back in the car for the ride home. Come on Humans get me home!
Still not speaking to ya!

Turns out the lump was just a fatty ball, quite normal apparently but the Vet took the bleeding liberty while I was knocked out to cut me toenails! I love me toenails just the way they are, thank you very much. NO VETS ever again peoples!


Goodbye Delta

Just a quick blog today because I’m very sad. My mate Delta, a Malamute sadly passed away this week after being bitten by one of those moving sticks me Humans call a snake.

This time of year (spring) is when the snakes emerge from a kind of hibernation over winter. In the Perth area the Tiger and Dugite snakes are the most common venomous snakes that can kill not just dogs and cats but humans too if not treated quickly.

Us dogs are just to curious for our own good.  One of the very few down sides to living in Australia. I even blogged about that a few years ago before moving to Perth.

Goodbye Delta, have fun running and chasing up there in the sky. We will remember you.