I Miss Europe

These past few days have seen some pretty hot weather here in Perth, yesterday it was 42C (108F for you old school types). I hate it, I was born in Ireland so this is not natural to me. I have no Dingo, Australian Kelpie or Australian Cattle Dog in me to help. I hold my DNA test up as evidence of that!

So I just don’t cope well with hot weather.

To make matters worse, me Humans are renovating the house so we have NO air-conditioning! I know, I know, me wolf ancestors never had AC either and they survived. But no I’m not soft alright, they didn’t live in Australia.

Me Humans do understand and hose me down or take me to the beach to cool off which is great.

Now I hear some of you Northern Hemisphere dogs saying I have it way to good, mutter mutter as you suffer through winter! But I say NO. it’s not enough peoples! Where is the snow I ask?

Just a few short years ago at this time of year here I was catching snow balls in Germany for Christmas!

Or chasing me ball in a snowy forest!

Or building snowdogs

Or having fun catching the balls falling from the sky. Never understood why they seem to disappear though when you catch em in ya mouth…

Enjoy your summer or your winter guys.

It is hot but it is an Australian summer after all! But please spare a thought for all the brave firefighters here in Australia battling the bush fires across the country. We even have firefighters helping from as far away as Canada!


12 thoughts on “I Miss Europe

  1. I feel your pain. In Australia, seeing sunshine glinting off Christmas tinsel was very odd!

    We’re in the Italian Alps at the moment, so The Fab Four are not short of snow.

    I’d send you some in the post, but in that heatwave, I’m not sure you’d get my drift. (Sorry, couldn’t resist!)

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  2. We’re sorry to hear you are having some hot days there. You are welcome to join us here in Upstate New York where we have about a foot of snow on the ground with more coming. We don’t think we would like living in weather that hot either.

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  3. Take care Ralph, it will cool down some time, I hope. We are living in a dark smudge filled sky , the sun has decided we irish dont need his help so he is in hiding leaving us rushing about to keep warm. Have a food christmas.

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  4. Hello Ralph,

    I have been following the weather in Australia and it’s no wonder you miss Europe, here in Prague we’ve had a bit of snow already but currently subject to more than our fair share of fog.

    Nasty stuff fog makes the view form the windowsill very boring, once you’ve seen one white wet blob drift passed the rest are just tedious.

    Thnak you for folowing me. I hope that I can entertain occasionally and make you laugh often.

    Purrs and Happy Christmas,

    The Cat

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  5. Visited Prague a few years ago now, such a lovely city! Even blogged about the place if I remember correctly. Miss the European seasons but I do love Australia too. looking forward to reading your adventures.

    Merry Christmas



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